A basic Guide on laser Cut Diamonds

Laser Cut diamonds to many, is a new practice of diamond cutting in the jewellery industry. Because for many years, the only way to cut diamonds was by using another diamond. But because over the years technology has developed and now we have the benefit of  laser cutting. There are two techniques called laser drilling and laser cutting for diamonds.

Laser Drilling is the technique of isolating a portion of the diamond, drilling through it with the laser, which in this case is a very fine hole, and extracting the inclusions in the diamond, therefore heightening the clarity.

Laser cutting is simple. Using an intense laser beam to carefully cut out shapes in a rough diamond.

These kind of diamonds are very common these days, and this process is a faster method to get the diamonds out into the market.

Laser cutting has been used in many industries for cutting metal sheets, wood etc so is not new in those areas, but is definitely news to some people.

It goes like this. First the raw rough diamonds are sourced. Then they are examined and sorted according to size, colour, clarity, shape and susceptibility.

The region best suitable to cut out a diamond from the rough stone is located, and marked. This is to avoid as many inclusions as possible and to minimize carat loss. The diamond is laser cut from the rough portion, cut to facets and polished. These diamonds are then packed, priced and shipped accordingly.

What are the Pros of laser cutting compared to the traditional method?

Laser Cutting is a fast fool proof method whereas traditional diamond cutting is time consuming. Laser cutting is safer, the inclusions are located and avoided. The risk of it cracking because of pressure and inclusions are low. It minimises weight loss. And this process is not harmful for people handling the equipment. You are guaranteed to get an excellent stone with this method.

In some cases the users are not just to create shape and facets out of the rough, it may just be used to create simple flat diamonds beads, unpolished for sale. Raw Rough Diamond Jewelery is slowly picking up people's attention because of this uniqueness in a sea of round brilliant white diamonds.

Have you ever wondered how your custom orders come together?

For example at Shikha you will find them in Custom laser cut star necklace, horse heads pendants with gold inlay, black natural diamonds in butterfly pendants, raw rough heart connectors, monogram initials, diamond dice and personalized diamond jewelry for sale. The possibilities are endless when it comes to laser cut diamond jewellery. Even some Diamond slices are laser cut.

Raw Diamond Materials like Diamond slices and Diamond dust are unique and picking up in sales. For laser cut Diamond slices, designers prefer using a Bezel wire to trap the stone in place and it does very well as a simple pendant. If it is included, you can see the marble like swirls of the inclusions on the flat surface. This makes for a stunning, unique piece.

They even do well as stacked rings, where there are multiple simplistic rings on one finger, one below the other. This is categorised as minimal jewellery and a bit more on the affordable spectrum, but vastly popular.

But don't forget, if you buy laser cut diamonds online, make sure you receive a certificate of authenticity along with your purchase. Safe shopping is happy shopping!

Laser cut diamonds are relatively new to customers looking to make an investment, so feel free to reach out to us with any queries and we will make sure we get back to you  ASAP! Leave us a mail on . We also take custom and wholesale orders so head to our site and have a look!

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