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Why are Salt and Pepper Diamonds so popular?


Salt and pepper Diamonds are diamonds with multiple impurities, inclusions, that comprise of

Dirt and Debris

When Diamonds form, sometimes they tend to take in the excess surrounding materials. This could include dust and sand particles. While in cutting raw and rough diamonds, the part of the diamond with the inclusions is categorized as salt and pepper diamonds, and the part without is sent for grading and categorized as clear diamonds.

Air Bubbles

You may not see it at first, by under a magnifying glass, you may notice not dirt, but tiny air bubbles beneath the glassy surface. Many think that because of this the diamond is fake because they are unaware that bubbles still form in the creation of a diamond beneath the earth's surface. While they do not look terrible, they hamper distribution of light within the diamond.


While major cracks within the Diamond are a big NO, minor cracks are common and nothing to be worried about within salt and pepper diamonds.


For most diamonds, customers' expectations are a uniform hue running through the diamond. This won't happen for included diamonds. Apart from the debris peppering the stone, it also lacks balance light distribution. And so you will find most salt and pepper diamonds online for sale and greyish, however you will also find fancy color salt and pepper diamonds for sale in pink, yellow and other colours.

Cloudy appearance

Since the inclusions block the light, it appears somewhat as an opaque diamond, so while some prefer sparkling, there are many fans of opaque diamonds and gemstones that admire this feature.

So it baffles the mind, why exactly are they so popular in the first place?

They look Rustic

Few Antique features mention imperfection. For example old diamond cuts, or antique cuts, were cut by hand, not machine, so you would find that there is a glitch in uniformity and consistency throughout the stone, and also that the stones available weren't the best. So if you were to waltz into a vintage jewelry store, you would find hand carved jewelry and hand beaten metals along with the antique cut stones. Many people find this connection to the Victorian Shakespearean era, romantic, and so present this to their partner in an engagement ring.

They are Affordable

People often equate affordability to low quality, but that is not the case here. The diamonds that usually dominate the market are the clear, white brilliant cut diamonds. Then the rest. But sometimes there's an uptick in sales of particular diamonds. At the moment, people are slowly investing into chocolate diamonds. 

Initially salt and pepper diamonds were sold because nobody wanted grey diamonds, until later when designers started incorporating them into their designs. Now they are sold based on their own merit. However you should see to it that you receive a certificate of authenticity and if the diamonds have larger cracks than their supposed to, if not when you cut through the diamond they may split under pressure.

Stacking Ring sets

Salt and pepper diamonds currently are faring very well with millennial jewellery trends. Stacking rings have been around for a while, but have been brought to the surface with Instagram culture. They look good as they are, in many occasions rose cuts, kite shaped or oval, with rose gold and silver bands. These stones are miniscule and are set into rings that are all stacked one above the other on the same finger. This look was inspired by bohemian fashion, although it has been adopted from an ethnic culture and incorporated into modern trends.

What goes well with Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

When choosing to create custom made jewellery, for earrings, charm bracelets and engagement rings you need to research and look out for your best options. For salt and pepper diamonds aren't like other precious and semi-precious stones. Because of their mysterious smoky appearance, they need smart designing to highlight their interesting features.

Rose cuts are the most preferred cut for Salt and pepper Diamonds. Because of the large surface area, with no pavilion, light is unable to bounce around the bottom to refract the light taken in. This is perfect for a Salt and Pepper Diamond, and its excess inclusions which do not allow light to pass through.

How do you buy salt and Pepper Diamonds online for sale?

  • Verify the website if it is legitimate and their shipping and returns policy.
  • Make sure they hand out certificates of authenticity and give out sample pieces.
  • Sort out your budget and if you can afford to go for single pieces or if it would be better to invest in salt and pepper diamonds wholesale.
  • List out the pros and cons of buying Raw Rough Diamonds or buying cut diamonds.
  • Find out if the seller is sanitizing the products before he sends them out.
  • Maintain social distancing, wear a mask and gloves when receiving your product.
  • Sanitize the outside of the box, and lightly sanitize the contents carefully.
  • If you are unaware of how to sanitize your package without damaging the contents we suggest you get the information from the seller or research it online.

If you are looking to invest in salt and pepper diamonds, you have come to the right place. Just hop onto our website and we can answer any question you have! Happy Shopping!

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