What is a Raw Diamond?

A raw diamond is diamond that has been unearthed in its natural form, uncut, unpolished, and containing inclusions. They are sold in this Raw Rough Diamond state to craftsmen and traders, who then either resell it in their Raw Rough state, or cut it down to size, in various popular Diamond cuts, polish them and sell them as loose, cut Diamonds.

Raw Diamonds can be drilled and sold as raw rough or faceted and drilled and sold as Briolette Diamond Beads. Undrilled raw diamonds are sold loose by sellers and you can buy raw rough diamonds online. There are Uncut Diamonds for sale across the internet, where sites offer authentic, genuine fine quality pieces, even taking custom orders.

-How to identify a Raw Diamond?

To identify a raw diamond, apart from the obvious uncut, unpolished appearance there are other methods to figure out the material.

  • Under a microscope you should be able to see, markings such as indented triangles, parallelograms or rotated squares. The surface of the diamond should also look as if it's coated with a translucent thin film.
  • Scratching glass is another way to tell if the substance is diamond, however contrary to beliefs, there are actually plenty of materials that scratch glass.
  • Drop an intensely heated diamond into a glass of water. If the diamond shatters, it's fake. Real Diamonds can withstand high temperatures and temperature changes.
  • Hold the diamond up, and breathe on it. If the Fog disappears instantly, it's a real Diamond. If it takes a little longer than a few seconds, it is most likely fake.
  • If you do not have access to the basic tests, you will have to simply attain a certificate of authenticity from the diamond seller.
  • This certificate verifies the origin of the diamond, cut, carat, clarity and color. As well as inclusions and other necessary details required.
  • Acquiring diamonds without certificates is risky and purchasing raw diamonds without a license is illegal.

Types of Raw Diamond

Natural Diamonds

Natural Raw Diamonds or Real diamonds are the diamonds excavated from the earth in their raw rough form. These diamonds are more expensive because of the labour and because people are more inclined towards the natural aspect of it.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are also considered natural diamonds, however their multiple inclusions, renders them as non-clear, grey diamonds or salt and pepper diamonds. These diamonds are slowly picking up pace in the diamond jewellery industry.

Rose cut diamonds are mostly made from salt and pepper diamonds of various colours like grey, yellow, pink and white, because the absence of a pavilion and large surface area showcases the flaws of the diamond in a rather spectacular way.

Lab grown Diamonds

Lab grown Diamonds are diamonds that are grown in the lab, containing no metallic inclusions. They are not fake diamonds. They share the same physical and chemical properties of Diamonds excavated from nature. They are conflict free, eco-friendly and ethically sourced. They are also far more affordable than natural diamonds and you can easily buy Lab Grown diamonds online. Lab grown Diamonds are also more likely to be laser cut.

There are steps you need to take if you are looking to buy raw diamonds online. If you would like some more information BEFORE you buy raw uncut Diamonds for sale, then you can go through,” Things to know before buying rough diamonds”.

Applications of Raw Diamond


Diamond jewellery is famous all over the world, and used by people from nearly every culture and community. The diamond engagement ring is seen as a staple of marriage. Diamonds are ancient and date back to as early as the Victorian era. If there's one reason why people know a thing or two about diamonds, it's because of its wide usage in jewellery and the fact that it's durable and won’t wither with time.


Diamonds in cosmetics are not new. High end luxury cosmetics brands have known to mix fine diamond powder into their skincare line.


Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth rating at a full ten on the Mohs scale. So it is natural that it will be used for industrial purposes like drilling and cutting.

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