What to look for when buying Brazilian Amethyst?

What is Amethyst?

The birthstone of the month of february, Amethyst is a brilliant purple translucent semi precious gemstone. It’s purple hue gives out a feel of royalty and luxury and has been used in the art of jewellery making for many years.

It is associated with many mystical properties. The Greeks believed it protected its owner from intoxication,  it is also believed to heal people and keep them level headed. So don’t be surprised if you find someone wearing these stones with a charm bracelet or as an amulet. It has now been introduced in the world of luxury cosmetics as derma rollers.

What is Brazilian Amethyst?

Amethyst puts all varieties of the stone under one group, regardless of origin, colour , cut, hue and shade. Brazil is famous worldwide to house many precious and semi precious gemstones, one of which is Brazilian amethyst. It is a specific high quality amethyst found near the border to Bolivia and Brazil. They are a special kind of quartz that occur in crystal form. You can get them in clusters of the geode formation. Brazilian Amethyst are among the most sought after purple gemstones.

Brazilian Amethyst Jewellery is very popular and if you look to buy brazilian amethyst online wholesale, you can find brazilian amethyst beads, faceted brazilian amethyst, brazilian amethyst cabochons and more. Even loose brazilian amethyst gemstones are available at the click of a button.

What do you look for when Buying Brazilian Amethyst?

  • Natural Brazilian amethyst generally have a light purple colour than most amethyst.
  • Has almost no colour zoning.
  • Should be free of any defects like holes or cracks.
  • If you are heading for a geode it should be easy to spot if the crystal formations are symmetrical or not, and good symmetry equals good gemstone.
  • If going in for the raw geode, ensure that it has a cathedral shape, that is a rounded pyramid.
  • While the amethyst ranges at 7 on the mohs scale, it can be cut into various brilliants and rose cuts and cabochons, but if you wish to carve, then settle for a lower quality stone.
  • You can find brazilian Amethyst in a variety of cuts such as Baguette, Emerald, Heart, Oval, Pear, Round, Trillion cuts. Ensure that, like any other gemstone or diamond, they are free of inclusions, or damages. With the naked eye if you cannot see any inclusions, you are good to go, because usually in deep coloured gemstones, minor inclusions are overlooked. However if you do spot the inclusions without a magnifying glass, best look elsewhere because heavily included amethyst are of less value.

How to Shop for Gemstones and Diamonds during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

You may find your current jewellery design idea jeopardized by the onslaught of the virus over the world. But that does not mean you stop. The worst thing to do during the virus is to halt your daily routine. Continue with daily life but with extra precaution.

So what should you do if you want to buy Brazilian Amethyst online for sale?

  • Ensure the FAQ’s, returns and delivery system of the seller before you look to purchase. Constant lifting and implementing of lockdowns will hit courier systems and affect your orders accordingly.
  • If your seller offers “pay now” and “deliver post lockdown”, ensure they stick to their word otherwise request a refund.
  • Once you hit the ‘BUY’ button, your order will take more time to arrive because of the crisis slowing down usual delivery.
  • While the seller may disinfectant the contents of the package before sending it, please ensure you sanitize the outside of the package when it arrives.
  • If you do not already know how to sanitize the interiors once more, best to contact the seller for advice on how to do that.
  • When accepting the package from the delivery personnel, maintain 2 metres distance, wear a mask and gloves.

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