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Things you should consider while buying Salt and Pepper Diamonds online!

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are categorized as included diamonds, raw rough diamonds and sometimes uncut diamonds. Raw Rough Diamonds are diamonds that are unearthed in their natural state, which are uncut, unpolished, and may contain impurities. These stones go on to get cut, polished and the areas that contain the maximum impurities are cut off. The clear areas are made into classic brilliant cuts and other popular diamond shapes and sold at a high price. But in order to prevent wastage, the included diamonds are also cut and polished and sold, but a lower rate in comparison to clear diamonds. The inclusions within the rock give it a peppered grey look, which people have labelled salt and pepper diamonds. Sometimes when, looking to buy rough diamonds online, you might come across salt and pepper diamonds along with the suggestions. Anyone involved in jewellery design should have an inkling for what salt and pepper diamonds are, and how they are slowly emerging as one of the top selling Diamond materials. While it is less risk to buy Diamonds that fare positively when it comes to the 4c’s, it is also very expensive. Not to mention, trends come and go, people want change and are not always in favor of the shiny, white, brilliant cut diamond.

Things to look out for when buying salt and pepper diamonds

Large Cracks

While minor cracks can be found in all diamonds, unseen to the eye, buying diamonds with large cracks are extremely risky, because if one were to put pressure on them, while setting, drilling and cutting, they would fall into pieces - just like your investment. If you are looking to buy salt and pepper diamonds or included diamonds and gemstones, make sure they provide you with a certificate of authenticity labelling all the flaws of the diamond correctly.

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles in diamonds can be seen mostly with the naked eye. Again like minor cracks are fine, but if there are large air pockets within the diamond, it would render the diamond destructible and nondurable if you plan to recut or drill.

How much are salt and pepper Diamonds worth

Salt and pepper diamonds are generally more affordable than their clear counterparts. Increase in carat weight does not equal increase in price because of the inclusions. But for anyone comfortable with minimal sparkle, and unconventional designs, this is for them. Although they are affordable, they are still diamonds, and will make a tiny dent in your budget, but you can always opt to buy salt and pepper diamonds for sale online. There are plenty of legitimate sites that offer raw rough diamonds wholesale online, along with custom orders to get you started.

The Inclusions make the Diamond

Sounds funny? The swirling inclusions within the stone give it a marble, rustic effect that can be brought to life, with the help of the right setting, metal and cut. These Diamonds are identified by their inclusions, or “markings”.

Designing with Salt and pepper diamonds

Rose gold metal and rose cuts are the most popular styles for Salt and pepper diamonds. The rose cuts do well with salt and pepper diamonds because the larger surface area exhibits its inclusions in a pretty way. But you could also opt for hexagonal, kite shape, round, oval, pear shape and more. They do well as stacking rings, a millennial trend of wearing multiple petit, stone encrusted rings on one finger.

If you are looking to purchase Salt and Pepper diamonds, we can guide you every step of the way. Just log onto our website to get started! We even take custom requests and wholesale orders! Happy Shopping!

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