Things to know about Raw Diamond

Raw rough diamonds are those stones that are uncut, unshaped, and are presented for sale as they are. It is a bit of a stretch to claim that all of them are also unpolished as some of them need polishing in their rough state to emphasize their rough texture or simply as a request from a buyer.

They are available often as cubes, diamond slices or as tumbled stones, available as black, brown, gray white, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink and red etc.

If you are curious about rough cut diamonds and wish to undertake new designs involving uncut diamond jewelry, then there are some things that you should keep in mind.

They are cheap

That's right. Raw diamonds are cheaper than cut diamonds. So if your looking into some modern jewelry styles, you have no problem here. Many gemologists and traders even offer raw diamonds for sale. However if you are looking to cut, we suggest you weigh out the pros and cons of purchasing raw diamond or risk losing your investment.

They are trending

The raw rustic look of a raw diamond is perfect for modern jewelry as it stands out from the rest of the brilliant cut sparkling diamonds. Not to imply that the rough cut don't sparkle. But the rustic looks gives out a more confident, I wear-what-I-want-attitude.

They can be set in any way

Raw diamonds usually appear as cubical, slices or as strands. But because the raw diamond does not have a particular shape or cut, they can be cut into any form, and set in jewelry using anything from bezel setting to bezel connectors, prongs, frame, wire wrapping, strands. However if you wish to cut it into a specific shape we encourage you to purchase a larger diamond, so that you have plenty to work with. They can be used to create endless designs, with rings, pendants, charms, bracelets, brooches etc. The choice is yours so take your pick.

They pair up well with precious metals

In design it takes balance in colour scheme, texture and various other elements to make up the perfect piece of art. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and even white gold lining the edges or supporting a raw diamond make a pretty unique sight. The contrast of a raw rough diamond against a shiny polished precious metal will make fine jewelry.

They are conflict free

Raw uncut diamonds for sale need to go through the Kimberly certification process to identify as conflict free, and this is to ensure that conflict diamonds are not available to the market. This helps designers and buyers trace their diamonds back to its origin. And in this day and age, just like customers prefer makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free, diamond enthusiasts prefer stones that are conflict free.

They are taking the wedding industry by storm

Today engagement rings aren't about sparkle, size and cost with many people, but about uniqueness. The included, unshapely, indestructible stones held down with precious metal, stands out amongst the sea of brilliant cuts. Nothing like a diamond in the rough.

They don't draw attention to strict appearance

If you get jittery having to distinguish the cut, clarity, carat, fret not. Neither of these elements are needed to emphasize quality in a raw diamond, apart from the fact that it is conflict free, natural or lab grown. However colour is entirely based on your decision and how it appears in natural or artificial light. So that decision is entirely up to you.

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