Things to consider before buying Conflict free Diamonds

What are conflict free diamonds?

Conflict free diamonds are diamonds that are ethically sourced, recycled or lab grown.

Diamond buying and sale of diamond jewellery have for years been tarnished by widespread illegal mining and abuse of human rights.

However, in recent years there has been an uptick in conflict free diamond buying. This comes straight on the heels of several other campaigns in pursuit of veganism, natural consumption and bio-degradable implementation in the manufacturing of goods and commodities.

How did the diamond craze originate in the first place?

To exchange or present diamonds rings as a symbol of solidifying one's commitment never originated until DeBeers got involved. They rolled out a complex, well planned marketing campaign that planted the notion in people's mind that a matrimonial ceremony is incomplete with the exclusive diamond ring.

Because of this wildly successful yet controversial marketing campaign, the rush for diamonds began, and this craze has lasted all these years.

Of course people saw an opportunity to mint money off the smallest, most durable and most expensive item in the market. It could be easily smuggled anywhere. With this came subjugation of the underprivileged and those struck by poverty, who looked for any work opportunities, to feed and sustain themselves for very little. Some were forced into hard labour irrespective of choice.

What are the types of conflict free diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that are grown in a lab. They have the same chemical structure and properties of a regular, mined, natural diamond. These are one of the main sources of conflict free diamonds.

Recycled diamonds

Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been used in jewellery and have been surrendered by their previous owners. The jeweller removes this diamond from its original setting. He polishes and cleans it, and either sets in a new diamond band or sells it loose. If you wish to get hold of one of these, there are sites that let's people buy recycled loose diamonds or recycled diamond jewellery for sale online, or you could stroll into a vintage jewelry store looking for one.

KPCS Diamonds

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was founded in 2003 to stop conflict diamonds or blood diamonds from infiltrating the mainstream diamond trade by United Nations General Assembly Resolution. It was suspected and confirmed that such illegal trades were used to finance rebel groups. While such conflicts still exist, many countries have adopted the KPCS system. India is one country where you can buy KPCS diamonds online for sale.

What are Kimberly Process certified diamonds?

The Kimberley Process was put into place in 2003 to certify that the diamonds being traded were ethically mined and sourced. However even with this, some groups have managed to find loopholes in the system and exploit it. 

In the United States it is illegal to transport and sell conflict diamonds. They have stringent laws that forces jewelers to ensure that they are in possession or in the process of retrieving genuine conflict free stones.

How do you buy conflict free diamonds?

If you are interested in lab grown diamonds, we have some good news. They are more affordable than mined diamonds because they remove the exhausting chain from transforming a mined diamond into a polished, cut stone. With technology, and businesses moved online due to the pandemic, you can easily buy lab grown diamonds online for sale.

Research legitimate websites that specifically cater to selling conflict free diamonds.

The seller should offer certificates of authenticity stating the properties of the stone you buy.

Read up their returns and refunds statements clearly in case you find anything amiss with your purchase.

If you have a limited budget, there are many options where you can buy conflict free diamonds online wholesale. With the Kimberley Process Certification and other details of its origin at the source to the supplier to the buyer.

They also offer up conflict free diamonds for sale online, with custom settings or bulk orders. So take your pick!

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