Interesting facts about Amethyst Orgone

You may have heard of Amethyst, the brilliant Purple Hued Gemstone, the birthstone of the month of February. Overall a rather well known gift from this earth, because of its inclusion in popular culture with songs and stories. While it is a darling of the jewellery industry, with it being cut and carved to create the most stunning pieces, this semi precious tone has a lot more to it than meets the eye.

What you should know about Amethyst?

  • Semi Precious Gemstone.
  • Rating at 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • Colours range from light pink to deep purple..
  • Variety of Quartz
  • Colourdue to irradiation, impurities of iron
  • High quality amethyst unearthed in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and the far East.
  • Glassy Lustre

How can you use Amethyst in Jewellery making?

Amethyst does very well with unique, bespoke jewellery designing. Not always used in the rough state, people take advantage of the lower rating on the Mohs scale, which means its a softer gemstone, and they cut or carve it.

Being the birthstone of the month of february, and also carrying many healing properties, it is included in charm bracelets, pendants and rings.

Silver pairs beautifully with Amethyst and it is scarcely seen wrapped in gold. If it is faceted with a brilliant cut or a rose cut, with the latter being the most common, you may set it with prongs, bezel or collet setting. You can also insert them with gemstone connectors. For amethyst crystals, wire wrapping gives it a more spiritual atmosphere.

What is Amethyst Orgone?

 Amethyst Orgone are crystal creations using Amethyst, precious metal and resin and sometimes coupled with other healing stones. The particular precious metal chosen is said to amplify the properties of the crystal, for example spiritually silver is meant to be used with amethyst. They are carved mostly in pyramid shapes with a sharp point. Do not be confused with the copper spiral resonating through the top in some pyramids, it is used to to channel the positive force up into the apex of the pyramid.

 The resin is a liquid substance that hardens with time in order to bind these spiritual items together in order to give you one strong expulsion of energy, healing and protection. One of the items is amethyst. Which is known for healing, relieves stress, anger and anxiety.

 There are many sites online that offer custom made Amethyst Orgone pyramids and structures. So if you are looking to buy Amethyst Orgone online for sale, there are plenty of places where you can find them. Please request a certificate of authenticity to verify your purchase.

What is Amethyst Orgone used for?

Amethyst Orgone is a spiritual tool of Healing. People who practise healing with crystals use it.

  • To imbibe the surrounding food, water and other edible substances with nourishment and healing properties.
  • To charge and instill other pieces of jewelry, charm bracelets, amulets and rings with spiritual energy, protective properties and positive force.
  • To protect against other unseen threats to the mind, body and soul.
  • Helps relieve anxiety, stress and aides in meditation.
  • Physical healing through meditation. It has long been said that some physical injuries get better, through positive thinking. And that sometimes sickness occurs through mental degradation, worry and stress. Mental and physical health are related on a deep level. So while we can utilize modern medicine and soothe our physical hurt, meditation also helps soothe the soul and heal wounds. To assist with this meditation, healing crystals and gemstone play a huge part.

How do you care for your package during the Covid19 Pandemic?

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  • Harsh chemical disinfectants may damage the content depending on what gem or product it is, so research is crucial.
  • If the seller has informed you that they have already cleaned the contents, we would advise to carry out your own set of sanitization just to be safe.

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