Inspire your look and feel better with Black Onyx

Jewellery was originally created with the purpose to distinguish tribes from the other, with beads and other characters carved from rock and wood, in many shapes and of different colours. On many occasions they were amulets and bracelets, which had leathers cords and which held a single piece of precious or semi-precious stone said to provide protection to the wearer.

If you were to compare the concept of jewelry to the world, you could compare it to makeup and skincare. It makes you feel good and it makes you look good. The same can be said for powerful crystals that are fashioned into wearable jewellery designs.

How does structure help a crystal or gemstone give out energy?

Amethyst Orgone Pyramids are built in a way to increase the strength of the energy they send out and ensure its effectiveness.

They are built using resin, Amethyst, sometimes coupled with another gemstone or crystal and at the top of the pyramid, is a copper spiral, aimed at carrying the energy out to a certain point. This is why most healing gemstones and crystals are carved into pendulums and pyramids that have points.

How do you wear Black Onyx for spiritual purposes?

Sorting through the correct spiritual Gemstone and deciding which one is for you is basically like finding the right skincare routine for your skin. Is your skin dry? Moisturizers and serums to suit that purpose. Do you constantly feel a negative presence? There are specific healing crystals that can help with that!

One of them being Black Onyx. Black Onyx is one of the more powerful healing gemstones.

If you have started wearing black onyx jewelry only recently, you can opt for more modern versions of the stone, like a pendulum, or a carved ornament on a charm bracelet. Black Onyx Rosary Chains make excellent necklaces that are dainty and can be worn in layers for casual and special occasions. If you look for something more subtle, a simple pendant at the end of a long chain should suffice. The preferred metal is silver.

Many prefer to also wear black onyx cabochons as rings on the little finger of the left hand, because that method is said to enhance properties.

You can charge the energy by leaving it in the sunlight for a couple of hours.

How do you design and style Black Onyx?


  • To the ordinary person, Black Onyx has a gorgeous black sheen circling the entire stone. However the colours form in bands if you look closely, while some are faint, its barely visible, others form white stripes over the stone.


  • Black onyx looks the best with silver metal. Some designs have silver that's oxidized just for design purposes.
  • Some craftsmen incorporate stainless steel into their designs.
  • Black onyx is also a preferable jewellery choice for men, because they prefer the black sheen over other popular diamonds and gemstones.
  • The most popular accessory involving Black Onyx, are rings and signet rings.
  • If you wish to buy black onyx for sale online, they are easily accessible and quite affordable.


  • Since it ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, Onyx can be considered amongst the category of gemstones that can be carved. That's why they are easily carved into pendulums, and other standard cuts for healing crystals.
  • However this also leaves them susceptible to damage, and hence should be well maintained.
  • They can be drilled, worn as beads.
  • They can be sliced or cut and added to precious metal connectors. Onyx embedded into rosary chains and used as chokers are a great style statement.
  • Raw material Black onyx rosary chains wholesale are available on many diamond and gemstone sites. Make sure you get a certificate of authenticity.


  • If used for healing, there is no one occasion you can't wear them at. Black Onyx is a gorgeous gemstone and with its colour that goes well with everything, there are plenty of ways to style this gemstone.

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