Coolest Raw Diamond Jewelry with Raw and Rustic Looks

Each year in the jewelry design industry is exciting, as new trends, techniques and designs are introduced. With each new trend relating to the current theme of the year, for example sustainability. However one thing remains constant among customer demands, and that is uniqueness. No two individuals like being spotted with matching designs, and that is a fact. Buyers demand distinctive cuts, rare colours, newly patterned bands to suit their liking. And they are willing to shell out for it.

So this is truly an exciting time for jewelry designers who are pushing the boundaries of design in this industry. Egged on by the public interest in celebrity and royal engagement rings. Talked about on popular social media apps like Instagram, and some unique designs going viral on Twitter. Social media itself is a big influence in diamond jewelry buying. And truthfully also helps providing links and information regarding jewelry options, types, shapes, cuts, carats, colour, sustainability, environmental friendly, conflict free and also good with suggesting reliable jewelry and gemstones sellers.

We can credit the internet for the boom in rough raw diamond jewelry and interest. The fact that it's conflict free, affordable and unique is an excellent selling point. And it can be utilized in jewelry in so many different ways , your imagination is limitless. So let's take a look at what you can get started with….

Raw diamonds for sale are often available as cubes, diamond slices, or as tumbled stones available as blue, gray, white, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and red.

Rough diamonds don't have a uniform shape per say, and this is what makes them so unique.

Let's look at some unique ways to use rough cut diamonds…

Cluster diamond jewelry

Popular jewelry brands popularized the concept of a diamond clusters, in the form of rings, or necklaces. Although this style seems to have fallen out of fashion, it may stage a comeback with rough uncut diamonds in the mix.

The settings for this kind of statement jewelry are mainly prongs, however when involving raw diamonds, which are considered the toughest stone on the Mohs scale, the prongs may not be strong enough to hold onto such a tough stone. For example, if the stone were to snag onto something the setting may come loose, so caution should be exercised to maintain this kind of jewelry design. But on the other hand they make for brilliant pieces with precious metal and Crystal thrown in the mix.

Diamond slices

May seem weird or unusual to some, but raw diamond, is also available as slices. Exceedingly unique, these are either perfect as drilled and can be worn as drop earrings. But otherwise used in a bezel setting, to illuminate the effect of the diamond, it either can be backed up by a colored filament or layer not attached to the diamond, or placed behind another opaque coloured gemstone. This would increase its value and sophistication.


The most common and also associated with antique diamond pieces, strands of raw rough diamonds emphasize a rustic bohemian look when styling an outfit. Perfect for casual and high profile events, these statement pieces can lighten up any look and even make good conversation starters. They are available as drilled or are fitted with precious metal connectors. Sizes can range from small to large and brilliant and rose cuts, or any other gemstone are appropriate to be included in the chain. Most of the time when you buy raw diamonds online, they are already available as drilled and in the form of a chain.

Tumbled beads

If you had a rock tumbler when you were a kid, you are probably already familiar with this concept. If you are not, then gemstone or rock tumbling is basically the process of inserting raw rough stones, an abrasive substance (like sand), and a lubricant inside an electric rotary, and spinning it until the sharp edges and rough surface have been smoothen out. They are then removed and further polished and prepared for their required setting-bezel, drilled, undrilled etc.

Some professionals prefer to use the vibrational method to smoothen the surface, but this method is more expensive.

These tumbled beads are less refined, but give off a natural beach vibe, since the inspiration for this process came from the polished stones and sea glass, that achieved their look when beach waves threw them against the sand, gradually achieving a soft, unwrinkled appearance.

Wire wrapping

This type of setting is very commonly used in rosary chains. But a more good quality, expensive version is available with raw rough diamond. Very dainty and petite yet durable, used either as single chains, or multiple twisted together.

Diamond Connectors

With the rough raw diamond already set within the connector, the obvious thing to do would be to add links. With this the designer has endless designs he can execute. Most of these connectors are made of precious metals like gold, silver,platinum and even white gold.

These diamond jewelry options can be used alongside...

The Druzy Effect

You may have seen this before, but are probably unfamiliar with the effect surrounding it.

A rough raw diamond with a thin filament coating the top surface, will create a sparkly effect, when light hits it. This is called the Druzy Effect. It's perfect for low lit conditions and is quite affordable, because the gemstones reserved for this effect and usually ones not suitable enough to be cut or too included to even use as plain raw drilled diamonds. They can be made into earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and brooches. They are mainly supported by youth, but make get picked up by older customers soon.

These stones can be paired with either brilliant or rose cut coloured diamonds or other raw or rough diamonds to subdue or balance the artistic elements.

You can use a variety of settings like bezel, bezel connectors, prongs or strands with drilled stones.

Gemstone connector

A fun and quirky, yet classic addition, gemstone connectors add that little pop of colour to any jewelry design. Available mostly with rose cuts, they make a playful addition to long necklaces.

You have an endless list of options available with raw and rough diamond jewelry! So let's get started. Log onto to GemsDiamondsbyShikha for more information.

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