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Buy Rough Diamonds online

Raw Rough Diamonds are Diamonds unearthed in their undrilled, unfaceted, uncut state. They contain inclusions, and are unpolished, all these traits characterizing them as Raw Rough Diamonds. Sometimes they are chopped down to size, drilled and polished and made into raw rough diamond beads.


You will find a variety of Raw Rough Diamonds online like Clear Brown, brilliant cut Oval shaped Diamonds, champagne brilliant cut, cognac pear shaped Diamonds, heart shaped Diamonds, grey Marquise salt and pepper brilliant cut solitaire diamond for ring, full cut diamond, rose cut diamond, oval full cut, cushion cut, raw Uncut Diamonds, black diamond chips, black diamond drilled, box beads, raw rough black diamond, drilled rough Rondelle beads, grey Diamond crystal, loose crystal, blue diamond, Diamond butterflies, octahedron crystal, loose diamonds, green raw rough diamond, flat grey raw Diamond, white raw rough uncut Diamonds, red uncut, Diamonds, golden yellow smooth, laser cut black diamonds, pipe beads, free rough diamonds.


They are sold as loose diamonds, undrilled, faceted, Briolette, laser cut, tumbled, etc, drilled and hung in strands. They are perfect for designing chokers, necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets and other bespoke jewellery.


They range from 14$ to 19,322$+, depending on the quantity and design.


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