Does a buyer need to do anything after an order is shipped ?

Yes, you need to keep a regular tab on your shipment by tracking it online till it is safely delivered to you whether the shipping is Expedited or Standard. The Sale being an International Cross-Border Transaction has to pass through Customs at both the Origin (India) as well as the Destination Country while export and import clearance respectively. The parcels shipped via DHL eCommerce can also be tracked on the respective website of the postal service of the destination country once they reach there (like USPS for the US shipments, Royal Mail for UK parcels, etc.) by using the tracking ID which you can see while tracking online on the website of DHL eCommerce. In case of any problem like missing delivery scans during postal transit, please contact your Local Post Office which services your location by giving them the tracking ID, after allowing for the general delivery time. Being proactive in online tracking of your order in a timely manner is important. You can always contact us for any kind of support or help.

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