Top 6 Tips While Purchasing the Perfect Sapphire Stone

Sapphire gemstones are merely not a sign of royalty but unique and elegant gemstones which deserve accurate examination before being purchased. The sapphire gemstones are usually available in gorgeous blue, but they can be found in natural colors as well, like, pink, black, white, orange, grey and green. Be it for personal use or for gifting purpose, sapphire stones are the most coveted gemstones for their aristocratic outlook, pure sturdiness and graceful characteristic. So, when you decide to purchase one, make sure that you are well prepared before hitting the market. Available in wide range of colorful options, sapphire gemstones come in varied range of expense.

Have a look at these top 6 tips while purchasing the perfect sapphire stone and make the ideal decision before splurging your money on these illustrious gemstones.

  1. Research is a Must – Before purchasing the sapphire stone, do some genuine homework on gemstones, their origination, how they are graded and valued. It is also necessary to check whether the sapphire gemstones are authentically sold in the market. Gem grading system is easy to understand and with some basic knowledge you will be better off while making the purchase. It is advisable that the sapphire stones should be purchased in high quality range, for instance grade 5-6.
  2. Check for Traditional Colors – The perfect sapphire stone reflects the traditional color of pure blue without any overtones of violet or green. Among the buyers, the preferred shade for sapphire stone is pure blue, the preferred tone usually ranges between medium to medium dark, about 6 to 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 and the desired intensity is more of a strong one, with no fragment of grayness in it.
  3. Sapphire Stones from their Originating Places – Some of the best blue sapphire stones enjoy associations with certain places of origination based on their hues. These originating places are popular due to the availability of extraordinary quality gemstones. For instance, cornflower blue is associated with Kashmir sapphires, royal blue with sapphires from Myanmar and many more. Every sapphire stone is equipped with its unique characteristics and is highly valuable to the people.
  4. Avoid Cutting Errors – While purchasing the perfect sapphire stone, make sure that the gemstones display sheer vibrancy through their design. Gemstones which reflect cutting errors like, poor shape or visible windows should be strictly avoided. These visible windows usually make the buyer see through the sapphire stone clearly through the center in face up position.
  5. Features of Enhancement – Premium quality sapphire stones with no enhancement are rare to find in the market and generally involves higher cost, especially if the gemstones are of a larger size. In today’s market, most of the sapphire gemstones come with color or clarity enhanced features, which makes the gemstones gorgeous, elegant and appealing along with a pocket-friendly price. As a consumer, you deserve to know about the enhancement features of the sapphire stones beforehand from the jeweler.
  6. Avoid Uneven Colored Gemstones – Sapphire stones which possess face up color zoning or uneven color should be refrained from using. The term “face up” usually means looking at the stone the way it will be worn by the customers.

The perfect sapphire stones display sheer sophistication and nobility; so, make sure when you purchase it, it’s not only from an authentic source like but highly attractive with the ideal shade. Acquire the perfect sapphire gemstones at amazing prices from and watch how your fortune starts favoring your life.