Things to know about Gemstones and their Origin

Every gemstone offers a meaningful chronicle of the life story of the earth. It discloses to the specialist
the extraordinary processes that created the existing crust of the planet. The rocks are the materials of
the crust and they are the cradles of valuable gemstones. It is very exciting to know the processes that
initiate the development of gemstones, and the things like the causes of the occurrence of different
varieties of gemstones. Here we list 7 popular gemstones:

1. Amethyst

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Amethyst is a purple quartz and it is transparent. Amethysts are of two types – oriental amethyst and
occidental amethyst. The two types differ in composition, but the names are identical because of their
identical colors. Different regions can produce an exclusive amethyst to the specific region. It is
produced in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Namibia, Zambia and some other countries in Africa. It is
mined in Australia as well. Its shade ranges from violet purple to rose.

2. Emerald

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Emerald is a green form of Beryl that has its color due to chromium or vanadium, which gives it
the brilliant green color. The name emerald is said to be originated from a word in Sanskrit, which means
green. It has a hexagonal crystal structure that produces a brilliant green color. Emeralds are found in
granites, metamorphic rocks, and mica schist. A number of the best varieties have been discovered in
Bogota and South Africa.It is also obtained in Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, India, East Africa, Columbia and
Madagascar. Its shade ranges from various shades of green to bluish green.

3. Garnet

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Garnets consist of nesosilicates. The name originated from the ancient Greeks since its color was
reminiscent of ‘granatum’ or pomegranate seeds. A garnet does not reveal cleavage, and therefore
when they break under stress, pointed irregular fragments are formed. It is unearthed in the areas of
Kenya, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Canada, USA, Madagascar, Spain and the Czech Republic. It
practically has all colors.

4. Opal

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Opal is a kind of quartz. The name originated from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’, meaning precious stone.
Opals are incandescent and shimmering having inclusions of several colors. They exhibit a play of colors.
Opals are in Mexico, USA, Brazil, Japan, Kenya, Honduras, Czechoslovakia, Canada, and Peru. However,
the chief source of opals remains to be Australia. It has colors like white, black, orange, red, colorless,

5. Ruby

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Ruby is a red category of Corundum which comprises aluminum oxide. The red color comes chiefly from
chromium and titanium. Rubies naturally have imperfections, together with impurities of color. The
name originated from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. Rubies rarely occur naturally and larger sizes
more than 3 carats are extremely rare. They are obtained in numerous areas across the world like India,
East Africa, South America, and the USA. Its colors are pinkish red, or deep, vivid red color.

6. Sapphire

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Sapphire can have any color of corundum except red (rubies). Corundum contains aluminum oxide.
Sapphires are likely to be transparent or translucent with great extents of refraction. The sapphires
which are the most wanted ones are commonly those having a strong blue color with a lot of life and
sparkle. Sapphires are obtained in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kashmir, Madagascar, Thailand and
Australia. It color shades are blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, black and colorless.

7. Topaz

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Topaz is composed of fluorosilicate and can include trace elements causing various colors within it. The
name originated from Greek ‘Topazion’ – an island in the Red Sea. Topaz is in Russia, Siberia, Sri Lanka,
Brazil, China, Africa, Japan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Australia, and USA. It’s color is in the
wide range of yellow, blue, peach, pink, green, gold, brown and red.

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