100 Pieces Red Brown Diamond Connector, Double Loop 925 Silver Connectors, Rough Diamond, Raw Diamond Connectors, Uncut Diamond, 7mm approx. Each

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These are 100 Pieces Brown Diamond Connectors, Double Loop 925 Silver Connectors, Rough Diamond Connectors, Raw Diamond Connectors, Uncut Diamond 7mm Each Approx.

Connectors are available in all color diamonds and all polishes – gold/silver/antique black/rose gold

Gemstone: Rough Diamond (CONFLICT FREE)

Size: 7mm approx., 100 pieces

Color: Sparkling Brown

Item Code: GDBSDC8

(Measurements, number of pieces and weight are close to approximation.)

100% Genuine

Great quality for making Necklace , Earrings, Bracelet or any other jewellery.