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White Raw Diamond

Get your hands on these White Raw Diamonds, on display at Shikha. Available as beads and in Rose Cut, Faceted, Spikes, Bangle Cut, Rings, Tumbled, Box, Rondelle, Tyres, Shavings and Cabochons. They come in shapes like Round, Oval, Uncut, and you have choices of brilliant colours like White and Clear White, Black, Blue, and Grey. You are free to use multiple settings with these pieces, with some of them being drilled, available as strands and as loose, and also available as loose undrilled, with the rough, uncut diamonds perfect for a prong setting. In this category, we also have these White Raw Diamond Spikes, that are Rare, one of a kind Diamonds. Let your creativity run wild and you can fashion these stones in whichever way you find suitable for self or for customer. They are are conflict free and you can be provided with certification upon request.