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Rough Diamond for Sale

Rough gemstones are Gemstones that are unshaped, uncut and unpolished, available just as they were, when they when plucked from their natural source. While some are bought to later be cut and polished, many designers these days prefer to use them as they are, to create a most artistic appeal.


There are many examples of expensive, classy rough gemstone jewelry out there, so why not add your creative input to the mix? The design industry is always on the lookout for more ideas and innovations and will gladly hold the door open for new talent.


Rough gemstone can be polished, cut and drilled into many jewellery sets that include earrings, charms bracelets, rings, necklaces and brooches.


At Shikha, you will even find laser cut gemstone, of various fun shapes and designs at your disposal. Also available are Raw Diamond chips, Black Rutilated Quartz Connectors, Natural Diamond, Natural Black Onyx Connectors, Raw Uncut Diamond, Rough Sunstone Connectors, Sunstone Crystal, Raw Rhodochrosite Connectors, Yellow Perfect Cube Diamond connectors, Raw Lemon Quartz Octahedron, Laser Cut Red Rough Raw Diamond Monogram Initials, Raw Natural Apatite Beads etc.


They are available in white, black, yellow, blue, grey, yellow and other dual shades.


Their settings include drilling into beads, and strung, wire wrapping to create a more fairytale effect. Prongs are a good idea, although unstable. If the gemstone has a flat base, bezel is essential, as it securely holds down the gemtone. If the gemstone has a lower rating on the Mohs scale it can be carved into intricate ornaments.



They range from $10 to $2,00+, depending on the quantity and design.


You can look online for Rough gemstone for sale, as you have many options, just make sure that the seller provides you with a certificate of authenticity when you make your purchase.


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