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Rough Diamonds for sale

For a customer unfamiliar with diamonds, he would assume that all diamonds are clear, have great clarity, and so are all boxed into one category. But it is actually categorized based on a lot of different factors and characteristics of the diamond.


One such category is raw rough diamonds. Rough Diamonds for sale are usually purchased by designers and diamond cutters, to be recut or embedded into another piece of jewelry. Most of the diamonds with the best cut, clarity, colour and carat are usually sold to the biggest diamond jewellery companies in the world, but diamonds in their Rough state are as valuable, because they are free to be recut and are sometimes used in their natural form in modern jewellery.


Some of the settings available for Rough Diamonds are Bezel, Prongs, wire wrapping and precious metal connectors. The Collet setting is like the bezel setting, except that the metal edging rises perpendicular to the top and surrounds the girdle of the stone. The prongs or rim at the top of the collet is pressed onto the crown of the stone, firmly securing the gem. Some diamonds are also drilled and cut into beads, and strung.

At Shika you will find Rough Diamonds for sale in an array of colours like red, blue, yellow, cognac, grey, white, green, etc.


The Rough Diamonds are available as Rose Cuts set in Collet, Rough Raw Diamonds, Drilled Diamonds, Undrilled Diamonds, Shield Shape, Cabochons, Loose cabochon, Loose Rough Diamond, Fancy Shaped, Smooth Natural Raw Diamond Crystals, Sparkly Clear Rough Diamonds Loose, Rare Tiny All 2mm Grey Diamond Faceted Beads, Raw Rough Uncut Diamonds, Gray Diamond Connectors, Rough Diamond Connectors, Rare Raw Pink Diamond, Salt And Pepper Rose Cut Diamond etc.


If you are looking to buy Rough Diamond online for sale you have come to the right place. Our pieces are conflict free and we offer certification upon request.


Ranging from $12+ to $16,000+, our diamonds are not mass produced products, each one is hand picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available.We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal and connector according to your requirements.


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