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Rose Cut Stone for sale

Rose Cut gemstones are gemstones cut in a fashion to imitate the buds of a rose. It is a very old technique and style to cut diamonds and gemstones. It is ancient and has been used by Royalty and other nobility, it is also known as the antique cut. The style has over the years been overshadowed by the round brilliant cut, which has become a classic. However the Rose cut is slowly edging its way back into the limelight, taking on the title of the Romantic cut, because of its Shakespearean roots.


At Shikha you will find Rose Cut Stones in colours of green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white, grey, etc. And stones such as Chalcedony Briolettes, Flat Cabochons, Red Onyx Rose Cut Cabochons, Side Drilled Quartz,  Faceted Flat Back Gemstones, Side Drilled Hydro Quartz, Amethyst GemStones, Aventurine Cabochon etc.


They range from $12 to $200+ depending on the quantity.

If you wish to buy Rose Cut Stones wholesale online you can visit the Shikha site. You can find a wide variety of Rose Cut Gemstones online for sale. Just make sure that you are provided with a certificate of authenticity when you make a purchase.


Please contact us for custom or wholesale orders.


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