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Rose Cut Connectors – GDBS
Rose Cut Connectors – GDBS

Rose cut diamonds are faceted stones with flat bases. They have a larger surface area, therefore more carat weight. They are cut to imitate the design of a rose and are cut mostly out of included/ salt and pepper diamonds.


For Rose Cut diamonds in a range of sizes, we have jewelry connectors that help with making rose cut diamond jewellery making easier. They may be in a variety of semi-precious and precious metals with a bezel or collet attachment. These two settings encircle the stone and snuggly fit the gem in the center so that it won’t leave the connector chain. To make use of connectors, you simply have to unhook the required amount of chain links and rehook it to your clasp. This is one of the easiest and faster methods of jewellery making.


At Shikha you will find Ruby Connector Chains, Rose Cut Jewelry Connector Chain, Bezel Connectors, Gemstone Connectors, Opalite Oval Shaped Connectors, Gemstone Bezel Connectors, Connector Charms, Jewelry Connectors, Blue Topaz HydroDrop Shaped Connectors, Green Chalcedony Rose Cut Connectors, Black Onyx Rose Cut Connectors, Purple Amethyst Hydro Rose Cut Connectors, Aqua Chalcedony Connectors, Rectangle Bezel Connectors, Blue Chalcedony Rose Cut Connectors, Amethyst Green Hydro Rose Cut Connectors, Blue Topaz Hydro Coin Connectors, Green Onyx Rose Cut Cabochon Jewelry Bezel Connectors,  Solar Quartz Rose Cut Cabochon Jewelry Bezel Connectors, 20 Pieces Pearl Connectors and many more!


Ranging from $16+ to $153+, our Rose Cut Connectors are not mass produced products, each one is hand-picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available. We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal, and connector according to your requirements


If you are looking to buy Rose cut Connectors for sale, you can easily get access to many good quality options, but make sure to get a certificate of Authenticity along with your purchase. There are also options for you to buy Rose Cut Connectors wholesale online, according to your requirements, along with custom orders.