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Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals, discovered at Herkimer County, New York. And so originated the name “Herkimer” Diamond. It is classified as a Diamond because of it’s natural faceting, that bounces light around its insides, giving off the look of a diamond. Also known as the Middleville or Little Falls Diamond, you can buy them at Shikha, available as Raw, Nuggets, and Tumble beads. They are sold in strands and loose, pre drilled, centre and on the side. In stock with clear white and brown beads. These stones are perfect to sport as chokers or as chains and necklaces that dip below the shoulder area. Refract light brilliantly and their unique shape will without a doubt stand out like a diamond in the rough. You can get them custom or wholesale and at a discount. You are buying directly from the manufacturer and so all of our products are conflict free. Happy Shopping!