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Healing Pendulums for Sale


Healing pendulums consist of precious and semi precious Carved Gemstones, that are wire wrapped, attached with connectors and are hung from a long chain. The main purpose of such pieces are to instill healing properties, peace, serenity, protection and good luck with the help of such gemstones. Many people have used them over the years to provide them with a feeling of comfort in whatever situation they may be in.


Healing pendulums can be traced far back, originally donned as amulets, hung around the neck or wound around the wrist.


They come in a range of different Gemstone, shapes and colours. At Shikha you will find them in Green Aventurine Healing Pendulum, Dowsing Pendulum, Crystal Healing Pendulum Pendant,Chakra Pendulum, Dowsing Pendulum, Raw Black Onyx Healing Pendulum Pendants, Healing Red Jasper Pendant, Green Onyx Pendulum Pendant, Gemstones Chips Healing Bottle Pendant, Natural Crystal Quartz Ball, Rose Gold Spike Dowsing, Sunstone Pendulum Pendant, Rose Quartz Healing Orgonite Pencil, and so much more!


They range from $10 to $3,000+, depending on the quantity and design.


You can look online for Healing pendulums for sale, as you have many options, just make sure that the seller provides you with a certificate of authenticity when you make your purchase.


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