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Moss Agate Beads for Sale

Agate is a stone that has a unique marble quality to it. It is a variety of microcrystalline quartz. Classified as a semi precious stone. It is formed by the deposition of silica from groundwater in the cavities of igneous rocks.

Agate is often used in spiritual healing and cosmetics, and it is known to instill growth and stability.


It has Moss Green Hue to it, and is symbolic with nature. It is used in various healing and has been said to benefit anyone working in professions like gardening and agriculture.

Because it is the colour of money it's said to bring financial well being and stability and is said to boost the flow of income.


This Gemstone is often hammered into shape, unlike the common process of cutting. The Natural Hammered Rough Agate is uncut, unpolished, but is drilled and is available as beads. This technique molds it into a very natural looking piece of jewellery and in a way pays homage to its sources.

They are widely and popularly used in Jewellery making and range from a variety of prices depending on the size, cut and quality.


They fall under the Raw and Rough Gemstone category of gemstone so they have no specific shape, however they are drilled and come in strands.


However at Shikha, you will find them as Rough Moss Agate Coin Beads, Raw Moss Agate Marquise Beads, Rough Moss Agate Box Beads etc.


They range from $19 to $1,00+ depending on the quantity.


If you wish to buy Moss Agate Gemstone Beads online wholesale you can visit the Shikha site. You can find a wide variety of Raw Rough Agate online for sale, where you can hand craft your own raw rough agate and other rough cut gemstone jewellery. Just make sure that the retailers provide you with a certificate of authenticity when you make a purchase.


Please contact us for custom or wholesale orders.


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