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Grey Salt & Pepper Diamond – GDBS

Grey diamonds are mainly categorized as Salt and pepper diamonds because their inclusions make them out to be that colour. This does not mean they are of lower quality or price since grey diamonds are actually very popularly sold on the market and widely used in the art of Fine Jewellery making.


It is quite easy to get on your hands on Grey Diamonds online for sale, you just need to look in the right places. Salt and pepper diamonds online for sale in other colours and shapes and sizes are also available.


At Shikha you will find them in Fancy Trillion Shaped Natural Grey Salt And Pepper Diamond, Faceted Rose Cut Diamond Loose, Clear Brown Salt And Pepper Shield Shaped Rose Cut Diamond Loose Cabochon, Matched Pairs Clear Grey Shield Shaped Rose Cut Diamond Loose, Clear Black Shield Shaped Salt And Pepper Diamond etc.


These petite creations are perfect to set a unique engagement ring, and are meant for the person looking to stand out from the crowd of white diamonds. In the case of rose cut, the best suggestion is the bezel. However prongs are also suitable but risky, and may the grasp may loosen under pressure. Let your imagination run wild because there are no rules when it comes to designing Grey Salt and pepper Diamond Jewellery.


Ranging from $114+ to $325+, our Grey Salt and pepper Diamonds are not mass produced products, each one is hand picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available. We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal and connector according to your requirements


If you are looking to buy Grey Salt and Pepper Diamonds online for sale, you can easily get access to many good quality options, but make sure to get a certificate of Authenticity along with your purchase.


GDBS is a leading manufacturer with a lavish inventory of Grey Salt & Pepper Diamond. The best place for the genuine & finest quality Grey Salt & Pepper Diamond.