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Green Diamonds for Sale

Green Diamonds are fancy color diamonds that get their colour from exposure to radiation. Natural green diamonds are harder to come by, simply because of low demand and because demand for emeralds are higher.  A large percentage of green Diamonds are lab generated, which makes it easier to grade, unlike their natural counterpart.


Many green fancy diamonds are not pure vivid green but may contain brown, yellowish, dull hues under a light, although at first glance they appear green.


At Shikha, you will find Green Raw and Rough Diamond, Loose cabochons, Uncut Diamonds, Flat Back Smooth Rough Diamonds, in colours of Green, yellow and Olive green.


They range from $20 to $2,00+, depending on the quantity and design.


You can look for Green Diamonds for sale online, as you have many options, just make sure that the seller provides you with a certificate of authenticity when you make your purchase.


If you are looking to buy Green Diamonds online wholesale, you have come to the right place. Also you can find many of your desired Diamonds and gemstones for sale. Our site offers various discounts, custom offers and we also take wholesale orders at a discounted rate.


Please contact us for custom or wholesale orders.


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