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Flat Rose Cut Diamond – GDBS

Rose cut diamonds are diamonds cut to emphasize the shape of a rose bud. They have a flattish base, therefore they lack a pavilion. But the highlight is the top part of the stone that is domed, and because of this, all the carat weight is on the surface. While the lack of a faceted base diminishes its capability to catch and refract light, it performs well in low light conditions and this cut is mainly used for included diamonds, where its said to beautify its internal appearance with a marble, antique like effect.


Rose cut diamonds are famously sported in colours of a rose plant, such as reds, pinks and yellows out of all. This is to further highlight the connection between the romantic flower and its diamond and gemstone counterpart.


If you are interested in making rose cut diamond jewellery, it's best to research this kind of technique used in the making, like the bezel instead of prongs, because the bezel has a flat base and so does the rose cut, so then they are perfect for each other.


At Shikah you will find Quartz Crystal Faceted Rose Cut Flat Back Cabochon Loose, Crystal Quartz Rose Cut Gemstone etc.


Ranging from $80 to $800+, our Flat Rose Cut Diamonds are not mass produced products, each one is hand picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available. We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal and connector according to your requirements


If you are looking to buy Flat Rose Cut Diamonds online for sale, you can easily get access to many good quality options, but make sure to get a certificate of Authenticity along with your purchase.


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