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Polki Cut Diamonds – GDBS

Polki diamonds are flat, uncut diamonds, where one side is very slightly elevated than the other. While they can be mounted on both sides, only one side has a tiny dome.


They usually appear embedded in precious metal connectors for modern jewellery, but in the past they have made for some very interesting, expensive pieces fit for Royalty.


At Shikha you will find Rose cut diamonds, Diamond Slice, Connector Diamond Slice, Raw Diamond, Silver Connector etc.


Ranging from $30+ to $100+, our Diamonds are not mass produced products, each one is hand picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available.We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal and connector according to your requirements.


Buy Polki Cut Diamonds online for sale at Shikha, with exclusive custom and wholesale orders at the snap of your fingers. We also provide certificates of authenticity along with your purchase.


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