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Citrine Carving for Sale

Citrine is a yellow toned gemstone, and it belongs to the family of Quartz. This Yellow gemstone is the Birthstone of November and ranks at 7 on the mohs scale. Since it is categorized as a relatively soft gemstone compared to diamond, it can be carved into various shapes or ornaments, and this is its unique quality.


They can be drilled and shaped into beads, or cut into figurines and other shapes depicting natural elements or any design in particular. Can be fashioned into earrings, rings, necklaces etc. They make great additions to charm bracelets. Their soft yellow hue gives out the likeness of sunsets and can be paired brilliantly with both casual wear and cocktail events.


At Shikha, they are available as Natural Citrine, hand carved beads, and Hand Carved Citrine Color Filigree Findings.

They come in Yellow orange and Citrine Yellow.


They range from $20 to $80+, depending on the quantity and design.


If you are looking to buy Citrine Carvings online wholesale, you have come to the right place. We have a range of spectacular gemstone carvings , drilled and undrilled ready to be made into jewellery sets. You can find many of your desired Diamonds and gemstones for sale. Our site offers various discounts, custom offers and we also take wholesale orders at a discounted rate.


Please contact us for custom or wholesale orders.


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