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Brown Diamonds for Sale

Brown Diamonds falls under the category of Rough and raw diamonds at Shikha. Unlike most cases, the deepest color of brown diamond is more expensive than the others. They are the most common color in diamonds. Some people even refer to them as chocolate diamonds, a marketing gimmick that has resulted in the rise in its purchase and popularity.

They are available in Champagne Brown, Cognac, yellow, Brown, Red, Multi Colour, and come as rough brown diamonds , uncut, raw brown diamonds , natural brown diamonds , rondelle beads, drilled brown diamonds , loose, rare extra lustre, chips, raw diamond crystals, flat rough.

Out of all pieces of jewellery that are popular, Brown diamond earrings and brown diamond rings are becoming a hot favourite for engagement rings, cut into the traditional Round Brilliant Cut Diamond , with a gold or platinum band.

They range from $16 to $6,00 + depending on the quantity and design.

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