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Bracelet Connectors

Bracelets have been prevalent in the Jewelry industry for millenia, and have never seemed to go out of fashion. It first began when humans fashioned bracelets out of nature, from grass to twigs to stones, wood then onto precious metals much later. For some it was to signify heritage, or it represented luck or to expel forces of evil. Bracelets can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China. Now, bracelets are mainly used as a fashion accessory or to symbolize friendship or love , i.e a friendship bracelet. Some still use it to disperse evil, although these bracelets also have stone that are said to absorb positive energy, eg Amethyst. To form a bracelet, you would need material like a chain link of any precious metals and to add to the magic, a few gemstone connectors. We currently have Ruby Connector Chain, Opalite Oval Shaped Connectors, Blue Topaz, Black Onyx, Green Chalcedony, Purple Amethyst,Pearl, Yellow Citrine and Green Hydro, available in Rose Cut, Oval, Rectangle, Kite Shaped etc. You will find the connectors in settings like bezel, Single/Double Bail Bezel. You can get them custom or wholesale and at a discount. As you are buying directly from the manufacturer, all of the products are conflict free. Happy Shopping!