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Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads – GDBS

Blue lapis or lapis lazuli is a blue hued metamorphic rock that ranks low on the Mohs scale, at 5. Because it is a softer gemstone, it can be carved easily. Studies have found that carved or molded lapis lazuli have been traced to ancient periods.


This deep blue gemstone can be made into classy jewellery and looks great paired with diamonds.


At Shikha you will find Lapis Lazuli Beads, Faceted Rondelles Beads,RondellesRose Cut BArrel Beads, Faceted Lapis Beads,Faceted Heart shaped Briolettes, Micro Faceted Disc Beads, German Cut Beads,Step Cut Tumbles,Oval Beads etc.


Ranging from $8 to $600+, our Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads are not mass produced products, each one is hand picked by our owner, Shikha, herself. We not only have small quantities to meet your test designs but also have wholesale quantities available. We can provide any stone with any shape, precious metal and connector according to your requirements


Buy Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads online for sale,where you can easily get access to many good quality options, but make sure to get a certificate of Authenticity along with your purchase.


Visit GDBS online to find a wide range of Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads at the best affordable prices. Drop an email at [email protected] for more!