Certification under KPCS can only be provided if large quantity of rough diamond is bought in a single variety.
This is mandatorily required while shipping large quantity from mines to the world trading centres like Antwerp-Belgium.
We buy locally and in small quantities of few hundred carats but in large varieties.

Yes, they certainly are.
We source all our diamonds from the local reputed Registered Wholesalers and Importers who in turn import mostly from Antwerp-Belgium legitimately and ethically.

Further, item photos are taken from different angles and close-up so as to give an idea to a buyer about the stone in a best possible manner. Pictures can never tell you about the size of a stone unless shown with a measuring instrument. If the beads/stones are unsuitable for your purpose or not upto your expectation, you can always return them as per our easy Return Policy clearly worded on our portal. We will refund you the order value minus the shipping on receipt of the item in its original condition. You will have to bear the return shipping via First Class International Mail.

Yes, you need to keep a regular tab on your shipment by tracking it online till it is safely delivered to you whether the shipping is Expedited or Standard. The Sale being an International Cross-Border Transaction has to pass through Customs at both the Origin (India) as well as the Destination Country while export and import clearance respectively. The parcels shipped via DHL eCommerce can also be tracked on the respective website of the postal service of the destination country once they reach there (like USPS for the US shipments, Royal Mail for UK parcels, etc.) by using the tracking ID which you can see while tracking online on the website of DHL eCommerce. In case of any problem like missing delivery scans during postal transit, please contact your Local Post Office which services your location by giving them the tracking ID, after allowing for the general delivery time. Being proactive in online tracking of your order in a timely manner is important. You can always contact us for any kind of support or help.

Expedited Shipping usually delivers in 3-6 business days and the Standard shipping in 2-4 weeks in general depending upon the destination country, barring any unforeseen delay during transit or customs clearance. US, UK, Australia, Major European Countries are relatively quicker.

All our orders are shipped via reliable, reputed and trackable service like FedEx, DHL, UPS if Expedited Shipping is paid and DHL eCommerce if Standard Shipping is chosen.

The stones are certified at a reputed government recognised lab. The cost of the same is USD 15.00. The certificate authenticates the diamond/gemstone and certifies the carat weight and size. I would like to add that Diamond Certification takes around 6-8 business days.

We can get them certified at IGI or GIA too. However this would cost much more and take a minimum of a month’s time.

I am a Certified Gemologist by myself with more than 20 years of work experience and have been in eCommerce since the last over 10 years selling on various reputed international marketplaces and now through our own website which gives the lowest price advantage as no selling fee is payable like on eMarketplaces.

Our Business Mission is to give right products at right prices in the shortest possible time anywhere in the globe with swift and efficient after-sales support so as to delight our customers.

We have our branch offices in Jaipur and Surat, the Gemstone and Diamond Capital of India respectively, though I operate from our Delhi Office.

Our online shops mainly cater to the requirements of Jewelry Designers – big and small.

As our offline and online sales are quite high, of course our rates are very competitive for our kind of product quality.

We guarantee safe delivery of your order and are responsible till it reaches you in good condition.

In the unlikely event of your order getting lost-in-transit or received in bad condition in part or entirety, we will either give you free replacement or refund as desired by you.

Payment via PayPal is an added safety feature.

All the gemstones whether precious or semi-precious, come in a large variety of clarity and color. Clearer the stone more expensive it is. So you can choose a gemstone as per your budget.

There are 4 precious gemstones that is Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. All the other gemstones are termed as semi-precious. This is because of the value of the gemstones. The precious are more expensive than the semi-precious gemstones. All the gemstones have their own properties for which they are known – maybe for their beauty and color or for spiritual uses.

Please do not make any purchase till you have fully cleared all your doubts / sought complete info in case there is any sort of ambiguity or unclarity.
We are just an email or WhatsApp message away. Our team is always eager and happy to help and tend to you as soon as we can.

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