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Moissanite Vs Diamond: Which one is for you?

Diamonds, being the most popular gemstone, often and understandably overshadow any and all other gemstones in sales as well as popularity. However, most first time buyers are given the option to select between a moissanite stone and a diamond, which leaves many of them stumped. But fear not, differentiating between a moissanite and a diamond […]

Top 5 diamond jewelry trends 2019

Are you a little late to the jewelry scene? That’s ok, because we got you covered. Take a look at five of the top diamond jewelry trends this year.. #5 Finger Ring Piercing Not meant for the faint of heart, but the quirkiest trend in 2019, if not the decade, is the ring piercing. Coughed […]

Things to know before buying rough diamonds

What are Rough Diamonds? Raw Rough Diamonds are diamonds that have been found in the earth in their natural state, and are uncut, unpolished and may include impurities and inclusions. It is because of this that they may also be known as raw uncut diamonds. They also exist as lab grown diamonds that are cheaper. […]

Steps to Identify Moissanite from Diamond

In another update, we listed the reasons to purchase either a moissanite or a diamond, according to what suits you the best. However if you don’t want to fall into a trap, or need more help deciding, we got you covered… To summarize, moissanite stone is often used as a cheaper substitute to diamond, although […]